Every end leaves us yearning for some more good times. Everything; the adventure, thrill, new experience, satisfaction and top of the list for most of us is the fun part. Sadly, life ‘beneath the sun’ ends and so do vacays. Soon, we’re back to our daily routine, school, work, and all. Oh, if only the good things in life would last a little longer.

Whether you prefer hitting the hiking trail during your vacays or lazing around the beach as the soft sand caresses your feet, short vacations are good but longer ones are even better, more fulfilling and revitalizing as well. With longer vacays, the fun seems to never end and so does the adventure. With long vacations you get to make each minute worth the while.

Let us talk about Vacays on a cruise. These must be exhilarating especially if you are first timer! So here you are planning for a terrific ride at sea, but this one thing keeps popping up on your mind; should you set out on a short or long cruise? Finally, you decide on a long cruise and you need assurance as to whether you made a calculated move or not.

Listen up, you are right! A long cruise is undeniably worth every penny. In fact, there is everything good with long cruises. The best part being the lingering fun and adventure. For first time cruisers, setting out on a short cruise can end without the ultimate satisfaction you are after.

Short cruises are not idea for first timers and here is why by Sarah Bretz.