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Here’s what most cruise lines wouldn’t tell you

Cruise lines have deceived a lot of passengers to spend more than they should. This may sound ridiculous but we’ve had meetings where we laugh at how easy it was to take your money.

After reading this guide, you’ll be exposed to all the hooks and crooks (and clever ways to avoid them). You’ll be utterly shocked and speechless. 

Thank you Dan for taking care of my order so quickly. Once you start reading your book you can't put it down. I can't wait to begin using my new found information ⛴😃.

Cindy Vida

Miami, FL

IT'S time to cruise!

Let me help you save tons of money when cruising

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can pack your bags and go on an adventure without spending a repulsive amount of money?

This book will give you a full arsenal of money-saving tips that 99% of passengers do not know.

I just received this ebook and read it right away. Dan gives excellent advice, especially on when to book a cruise and how to get the price reduced. I wish I had read this book before trying to book on my own. His many helpful tips will make my next cruise more enjoyable and affordable! Thank you, Dan.

Judy Morrison

Northville, NY

part three

Whether you are rich or not, you’ll be treated like royalty

Imagine enjoying the sun on the balcony of your cabin.

When you get thirsty, you call for drinks. In less than two minutes, you get an iced pina colada that tastes like melting heaven in your mouth. Your beautiful cabin is cleaned twice a day and you are the favorite passenger on the ship. Do you know the fuzzy feeling? That feeling when you are given the attention you deserve and you don’t even pay a dime for it!

That’s what I want you to experience after you read this book. 

Got the book and l Iove it! I am a long time cruiser and your book taught me a number of new things to do to get lower prices on my cruise. Thank you!

Lezlee Rutchka

Somerset, PA

key features

What you’ll learn from this book

How to Cruise More for Less will provide you with over 800 tested and proven secrets to saving a vast sum of money on every tour and activity. You’ll discover how to become the most favorite passenger on the entire ship and you’ll get VIP access to spas, pools, gyms, and every reserved place.  Imagine spending practically nothing and still getting the time of your life… whether you are alone or with your gang!

You’re saving boatloads of money when other passengers are spending over their budget…. Because you have your hands on this ‘insider information’ Anytime you feel stressed or worn out, all you need to do is apply this strategy…. And boom! You are on your next adventure for almost free.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn when you get this ebook:

exploiting the strenghts

The crew only favors rich people right? Wrong! I’ll give you two guarded rules for getting all the crew members to treat you like royalty.

the key goal groups

What you should never do on a cruise and why (If you get this wrong, you’ll earn up wasting a huge stack of money).

time management

The reason why cruise lines find it easy as one, two, three to trick you of your hard-earned money (and how you can avoid these pitfalls).

rules & regulations

I’ll tell you what the crew members say about passengers and how you can use this information to win their favor.

how the ads work

Six secret tricks that’ll get you free (with no hidden costs) cruises for the rest of your life….. it works for me, for others, and it will work for you too.

setting up the campaigns

If you are on a budget, you’ll learn how to cut the cost of salons and spas by over 60% and still have the first-class treatment you deserve.

Don’t take my word for it

Here’s what people say about this e-book

See reviews from people who have read and applied the tips and tricks from this amazing guide.

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There is no doubt you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

So let’s make this a complete no-brainer for you by throwing some incredible bonuses. I'm giving away all my legacy travel guides. I'm giving it all for FREE, so please remember that some of the information might be outdated given the changes this world has seen in the past year.

bonus #1

How To Cruise

More for Less

2019/20 edition

Although not yet geared for post pandemic cruising, the latest edition of my ebook is still a powerful money saving guide. Packed with many tips and tricks, you are still in for a long list of money saving secrets. Even the most savvy cruisers among you, will find new surprises.

bonus #2

How To Fly

More for Less

2019/20 edition

Similar to the cruise guide, the How To Fly More For Less latest edition, still provide a great insight and ideas on how to make your next flight a first-class one. In the follow up edition, many things will be updated with post covid travel in mind. In particular, the flight to and from the cruise ships.

bonus #3

100 Worldwide 

Locations to Visit

2019/20 edition

What’s on your travel bucket list? If you plan to experience the most epic travel destinations in this lifetime, this book will give you 100 must-visit and beautiful places on earth. So prep your annual leave, get comfy, and be ready for a joyride. Yes, it will take some time for some, but it's worth the wait!

bonus #4

The Ultimate Cruise Packing Guide

2019/20 edition

With this cruise packing guide, you’ll get everything you need to go to a dinner party or dive in the pool. Now, you can have fun knowing that you’ve packed everything you need.  There are items which are not included in this guide, though most recommendations are spot on!

bonus #5

The Ultimate

Pre-Cruise Checklist

2019/20 edition

Preparing to set off on your cruise adventure? How exciting! But we’ve heard stories about people who show up for their cruise only to realize that they did not have the right visa or passport, or something important. This checklist as well, will be lacking a few covid related items. But will still be a good starting point for any cruise lover.

bonus #6

The Disembarkation Checklist

2019/20 edition

The process of ‘checking out’ of your cruise ship is entirely different from checking out of a hotel. If you want smooth and hassle-free disembarkation. There are many things that have changed in the process of disembarkation, but this checklist will still give you a great heads up. 

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Join over 40,000 cruise lovers who have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds on their cruise

My #1 priority is to help you save tons of money when planning your next cruise. I stand by this guide 100%, so you can be sure of getting your money’s worth many times over.

Anyone can save over half of their budget using my proven tips and strategies shared in this guide. Even if you are a first-time cruiser wanting to avoid pitfalls and mistakes, you can instantly apply these tips on any cruise line or ship.

It works for me, for over 40,000 people, and it will work for you too. And you won’t be alone. This book will hold your hands and walk you through every step of the process from planning out the perfect holiday to safely returning into the real world. 

what to expect from us

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get

when you pre-order this book….

Access to over 800 tips and tricks:

I’ll give you the secret to turning a budget cruise into a you-only-live-once experience.

A foolproof method to save a fortune:

You’ll be given insights into places with the freest benefits. Your booking will be refundable with no hidden costs. If you plan to do in-house shopping, this book will teach you ways to save a fortune when buying jewelry, arts, souvenirs, and lots more!

Real-world experience from an ‘insider’:

Drawing on my extensive knowledge, this unique guide will show you a boatload of tricks to save thousands of pounds on every vacation.

Six awesome money-saving bonuses (yes 6!):

As an early bird subscriber, you’ll get free packing guides and checklists to ensure you make the most of your trip. These books have been carefully written to give you the ‘insider’ information 99% of people don’t know about.

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